This NSIS plug-in will allow you to add and delete BDE Aliases. For information on how to install BDE visit this Wiki page.

Usage Example

Section "Add"
  BDEAlias::AddAliasDebug '*A* NSIS' '*P* V:\' '*D* PARADOX' '*B* FALSE'
  pop $9
  MessageBox MB_OK $9
Section "Add InterBase"
  BDEAlias::AddAliasDebug '*A* NSIS-Test' '*P* V:\' '*D* INTRBASE' '*O* USER NAME:"SYSDBA"' '*B* TRUE'
  pop $9
  MessageBox MB_OK $9
Section "Delete"
  push "*A* NSIS"
  pop $9
  MessageBox MB_OK $9

You can use both ways to pass the info to the plug-in. E.G. by manually pushing the data as shown in the DeleteAlias Example. Or on the command-line like in the AddAlias examples. The debug versions should only be called when testing the installer as they will display several message boxes containing the data you supplied to the plug-in. Their main function is to check that the data is going to the right place.

To enable the plug-in to detect the data types the following prefixes must be added to your data before pushing it to the stack:

Other Parameters


Downloads of BDE Alias plug-in for NSIS
Release Date Changes Download Link & MD5Sum
22 October 2005 - v0.5 Fixed problem with deleting Aliases.
Added ability to specify if BCD should be enabled or not.
Added Debug versions of the Plug-in Functions - Display the pop'ed values. Now you can specify the parameters in any order!
Added ability to specify other parameters such as 'User Name'. If you wish to specify more than one parameter you should separate them with a semicolon.
Uses the stack instead of variables for information transfer.


If you are having problems with this plug-in or have any questions please contact me via the contact link above