This plug-in will retrieve the Display name from a TTF font file. I wrote it to make it easier to register TTF fonts in windows.

Usage Example

This plugin includes the following include files:

FontName plugin header files
Font Registration Functions
Font Registration Functions with backup functionality

To use the plugin simply include the FontName.nsh file into your script then use one of the following macros:

!insertmacro FontName "fontfile.ttf"

Now the stack contains the name of the Font or if the errors flag was set the error message translated to your current language, or English if the translation is not yet available.

!insertmacro FontNameVer

This macro will push to the stack the translated version string for the FontName plug-in.


Downloads of FontName plug-in for NSIS
Release Date Changes Download Link & MD5Sum
3 August 2005 - v0.7 Added more translations. The installer now also installs the latest font registration header files.
Added French translation to distribution. Optimized source code somewhat.
Used a different compiler, reduced the plug-ins' file size from 32kb to just 9kb.
Added an include file so that you need only use the macros provided. Now the plug-in is translatable if your language is not included please send me the translation. Changed error reporting prefix to enable better international support.
Added error reporting functionality. Check for 'error:' at the start of the returned string on the stack.
Fixed plugin crash in Win9x Family.
Fixed problem with plugin reporting 'FontFamily' instead of 'FontName' affecting certain fonts, e.g. Arial Bold and Arial were both being reported as Arial.


If you are having problems with this plug-in or have any questions please contact me via the contact link above