After the decision of the original author of the simpl_gallery3 to not support webtrees version 1.5 I have ported some of these modules to the latest versions of webtrees.

This module is used to create an image gallery based on images in your webtrees folder(s) or even from some external sources to further enhance your webtrees site.


This section documents installation instructions for vytux_gallery3.

  1. Unzip the files and upload them to the webtrees /modules_v3/ folder on your web server.

  2. Login to webtrees as administrator and go to Administration --> Modules, and find the module. It will be called "Vytux Gallery3". Check it has a tick for "Enabled"

  3. Next go to the "Menus" tab. Set the access level and position for the menu item to suit your preference. It will probably have defaulted to "Show only to managers".

  4. Finally click SAVE, to complete the installation.


There are three main areas requiring setup before this module can be used; uploading images, creating display pages for them, and some adjustments to the menu options. There are also a couple of optional changes to consider.

It is important to upload at least some images, and create the media folder for them BEFORE you move on to create the album display page for them.

Upload images

  1. Using webtrees' "Upload media files" option start uploading your images (Administration --> Upload media files). In the box "Folder name on server" enter a name for a media sub folder where you want to store these images. The vytux_gallery3 module will display all images from one media folder on a single page.

  2. During the upload, or later by editing the image details, you can add a title (will be displayed to the right of the full size image on display); a note (will be displayed below the title ); or link the image to one or more individuals (these will be listed to the right of the display, above any note).

  3. If you are not linking these images to any individual, fact or event in your family tree, then it is also necessary to edit (even if you change nothing) and save each one after the upload, in order to register them in the database.

Create one display page or "album" for each media sub-folder created.

  1. These are stored in the webtrees database, as "block settings". They are created by going to the "vytux_gallery3" menu option in Administration then click on "Add album to gallery" to display the following screen.

  2. Give each album a title. Remember this will be used as both the menu item for this album and the its display tab. It is important therefore to keep these titles short.

  3. Add an (optional) description for the album page. This might describe the purpose of the album, or some explanation of the images. It can be any length, but long texts will force the image display further down the page, so might be best limited to three or four lines at the most.

  4. Select the media folder containing this group of images, as created in the preceding section.

  5. Set the access level, to determine what users can see this album. This is in addition to any existing privacy controls that might be in place for individual images if they are linked to people on your family tree.

  6. Choose which languages to display this page for. This is the same as other similar options throughout webtrees. Select NONE of the available languages if you want it to display in ALL languages. Only select single languages if you are also planning to offer a similar translated version for other languages.

  7. Set the Album position, relative to any other albums you might have already created. This determines where on both the menu list and tabs this album appears. It can be changed later by simply using the "drag'n'drop" feature of the album list on the vytux_gallery3 administration screen. The first item will also be the default when the main "Gallery" menu items is clicked.

  8. Use "Album visibility" to set if this album if to be seen when viewing all family trees on your site, or just the current one.

  9. Click "Save" to complete this process and create your album page.

Optional changes

  1. Gallery page title: by default set to "Picture galleries", this can be changed at row 630 of vytux_gallery3/module.php.

  2. Menu item title: this is taken from the title of the module. By default it is "Gallery". That can be changed in vytux_gallery3/module.php, at row 39.

  3. Menu item icons: this module uses different icons for each theme, stored in the modules themes/webtrees (or clouds, colors, xenea etc) folder. If you want to use a different image, simply replace the one provided with your own, of an appropriate size for your preferred theme, but keeping the name the same.

  4. General design of fonts, colors, etc: change these in all or any of the vytux_gallery3/themes/webtrees (or clouds, colors, xenea etc)/style.css file.

  5. There are TWO types of themes in use in this module. The one controlled by the contents of the themes/webtrees (or clouds, colors, xenea etc) folder controls the overall container for the gallery and the menu images in each of the webtrees themes. These are switched automatically when you change the main webtrees theme. In addition, there is the Galleria theme that controls the actual image display (the part with the black background in sample images here). This module includes two default themes for this supplied by Galleria (called "Azur" and "Classic"), but there are also other themes available from the Galleria website. To switch between the themes change line 504 of vytux_gallery3/module.php. To add other Galleria themes, download them from their website (Note: some of theirs need to be paid for), and install it in the vytux_gallery3/galleria/themes/ folder; then enable them by the same modification to line 504 of module.php.


To update this module simply overwrite all of the files on your server with the new version.

Upgrading from simpl_gallery3

Unfortunately even though this module is based on simpl_gallery3 it cannot automatically import the old settings and as such all menu items will either need to be re-created or you could run this sql script over your database after enabling the new module.

UPDATE `wt_block` SET `module_name`='vytux_gallery3' WHERE `module_name`='simpl_gallery3'


Downloads of vytux_gallery3 module for webtrees 1.5 and later
webtrees Version Release Date Changes Download Link & MD5Sum
1.7.5 - latest release 8 January 2017 Add custom module info to admin screen Downloadefc567e550c46a2c­2fa0ced54a8ba9cc
1.7.0 - 1.7.4 24 October 2015 Fix error when media object do not have a title assigned Downloadbfeaac4945efa28f­2fe959519305d917
1.7.0 16 July 2015 Show only active languages in configuration screens Download9fa1c9f74b470eec­198faf312193679c
1.7.0 12 July 2015 Updated to support webtrees 1.7.0

Includes support for themes by JustCarmen
1.6.0 - 1.6.4 7 November 2014 Remove unlicensed Azur theme and update to galleria 1.4.2 Download5ec31f39e0881bd1­f9a1185fd079822d
1.6.0 - 1.6.0 16 October 2014 Updated to support webtrees 1.6.0 Download175ef3bcab0e6e30­18594945268c4427
1.5.0 - 1.5.3 17 November 2013 Initial conversion from simpl_gallery3 to vytux_gallery3 Download26bb78a5f1318a8e­9f98a8179f16b7cb


If you are having problems with this module or have any questions please contact me via the contact link above or for general webtrees support please visit the webtrees forum