After the decision of the original author of the simpl_cousins to not support webtrees version 1.5 I have ported some of these modules to the latest versions of webtrees.

This module allows you to create a menu items for additional link(s) to anything you would like.


This section documents installation instructions for vytux_menu2.

  1. Unzip the files and upload them to the webtrees /modules_v3/ folder on your web server.

  2. Login to webtrees as administrator and go to Administration --> Modules, and find the module. It will be called "Vytux Menu2". Check it has a tick for "Enabled"

  3. Next go to the "Menus" tab. Set the access level and position for the menu item to suit your preference. It will probably have defaulted to "Show only to managers".

  4. Finally click SAVE, to complete the installation.


Create one menu item for each link you need.

These are stored in the webtrees database, as "block settings". They are created by going to the "Vytux Menu2" menu option in Administration then click on "Add menu item" to display the creation screen.

  1. Give each menu item a title. This will be used in the menu drop-downs. It is important therefore to keep these titles short.

  2. Add the address (url) of the item you want this menu item to link to. For example "forum.php". NOTE: only web pages WITHIN your webtrees site site url can be accessed in this way.

  3. Set the access level, to determine which users can see this menu item.

  4. Choose which languages to display this page for. This is the same as other similar options throughout webtrees. Select NONE of the available languages if you want it to display in ALL languages. Only select single languages if you are also planning to offer a similar translated version for other languages.

  5. Set the Menu position, relative to any other menu you might have already created. This determines where on the sub-menu list this menu appears. It can be changed later by simply using the up / down arrows on the vytux_menu2 administration screen. The first item will also be the default when the main "Menu" item is clicked.

  6. Use "Menu visibility" to set if this menu item is to be seen when viewing all family trees on your site, or just one.

  7. Click "Save" to complete this process and create your menu list.

Optional changes

  1. Menu item title: this is taken from the title of the module. By default it is "Menu". That can be changed in vytux_menu2/module.php. Look for this section near the beginning:

    public function getMenuTitle() {
    	return WT_I18N::translate('Menu');

    Simply replace "('Menu')" with the word or SHORT phrase you prefer, such as "('My menus')". If you only have one menu item, this title will be changed to the title of that menu item, and no sub-menu will be shown.

  2. Menu item icons: this module uses different icons for each theme, stored in the module's themes/webtrees (or clouds, colors, xenea etc) folder. If you want to use a different image, simply replace the one provided with your own, of an appropriate size for your preferred theme.

    When you add or change icons, you must also make corresponding changes in the same theme's vytux_menu2/themes/webtrees (or clouds, colors, xenea etc)/style.css file. The places where changes can be made are noted in comments in those files.

    Do NOT replace images with ones of the same name, as they will be over-written on upgrading.

  3. General design of fonts, colors, etc: change these in all or any of the vytux_menu2/themes/webtrees (or clouds, colors, xenea etc)/style.css file, but remember that such changes will be over-written when you next upgrade, so keep notes of your changes.

Sub-menu items

  1. If you want to add more than one menu item you can. But you will need to make some changes in the style sheet of each theme you use (in this modules' themes folder, not the main webtrees ones), and create some additional small icons. Details are in comments on the style sheet (style.css).


To update this module simply overwrite all of the files on your server with the new version.

Upgrading from simpl_menu2

Unfortunately even though this module is based on simpl_menu2 it cannot automatically import the old settings and as such all menu items will either need to be re-created or you could run this sql script over your database after enabling the new module.

UPDATE `wt_block` SET `module_name`='vytux_menu2' WHERE `module_name`='simpl_menu2'


Downloads of vytux_menu2 module for webtrees 1.5 and later
webtrees Version Release Date Changes Download Link & MD5Sum
1.7.5 - latest release 8 January 2017 Add custom module info to admin screen Downloadcc5c2855008250c1­abd962cd4e5304ee
1.7.0 - 1.7.4 16 July 2015 Show only active languages in configuration screens Download01429e8eed3416b3­c0b100b887d55467
1.7.0 12 July 2015 Updated to support webtrees 1.7.0 Downloadca8894e9756bef15­2ae0ab28d0f9d250
1.6.1 - 1.6.4 14 November 2014 Updated to support webtrees 1.6.1

webtrees no longer supports '_blank' target so this option has also been removed from this module. For more information of why this is a good thing please refer to
1.6.0 16 October 2014 Updated to support webtrees 1.6.0 Download03220c530a7c236a­fa3949ce516aed7d
1.5.0 - 1.5.3 17 November 2013 Initial conversion from simpl_menu2 to vytux_menu2 Download71aa75ce9cc07bf3­d5e4ad0eee14bd10


If you are having problems with this module or have any questions please contact me via the contact link above or for general webtrees support please visit the webtrees forum